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Smart way to manage shopping lists and bills.

Create and share shopping lists. Notify friends when you are in a shop. Split bills and settle payments. Oh it's so simple!


Managing shared shopping lists, billing and tracking is not hassle free.

WHY SmartBuy?

Simplify - Shared shopping lists, notifying friends while shopping and splitting bills


Any person shopping groceries frequently. Hence we chose participants who are atleast 16 years of age. Our aim is to make the app simple and easy to understand by members of each age demographic, even if it is not specifically designed for them.


• We conducted user research (interviews and contextual inquiries) to discover the hardship users face while creating and accessing grocery shopping lists.
• Based on the data gathered, we analyzed by doing an affinity diagramming activity and created personas, which helped us to understand user requirements.


Everyone participated throughout the research process until we arrived at the ideation phase. During the research phase, I took charge of interviewing people and creating the personas of our potential users. After that, I came up with the wireframes using Balsamiq, which ended up as our final solution. Furthermore, I took charge of creating the high fidelity designs for the mobile application using Sketch and mockups to make the designs presentable.

Duration: Jan 2016 - May 2016

Project Team: Alex Bogart | Nidhi Palan | Amelia Keller | Andrew Marone

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Competitive Analysis

We reviewed the existing apps on app store to check if they have all features we targeted to add in our app. We found out that there were plenty of apps that had features that we wanted in our app, but the only difference was, they were all available on different platforms, while we covered all of them in our app: SmartBuy.

Interview and Interpretation session

After we had conducted our interviews, we compiled all of the points into one large document, again separated into four main categories. We then did a cursory analysis of reoccurring themes and terms and began to construct our affinity diagram in Lucidchart. Once everything was organized and all the tiers had been created, we finalized our analysis and extracted our results.

Brainstorming Ideas

• Users can invite others to view and edit a list.
• Automatically calculate and splits the bill to all parties involved.
• Settling bills via online payment using debit card.
• A barcode scanner to add products and price to the list automatically.
• Pictures and images that can be used in addition to plain text.
• Identifies your buying habits over time and displays recently bought and suggested items.
• Group chat and notifications can alert others if you are at/going to the store, have questions, etc.
• Certain items, such as milk, can be marked as “recurring”. Even after being bought, they remain in the list in an inactive state until they need to be purchased again.
• Sharing location of a user to notify the list members.

Affinity Map.
A full-scale version of our diagram can be found here
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Wireframe using Pen and Paper

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Wireframe using Balsamiq

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