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Usability Test for Redcom's Sigma Client Application for Windows

The Sigma Client Windows Application allows secure communication between several users via chat, voice and video calls using two types of accounts, XMPP and SIP.


Our primary goal was to conduct a usability analysis on the Redcom Sigma Client Application to identify important heuristic and usability issues. The study was designed to ensure that the users could easily understand and use the key features of the application.

Duration: Jan 2017 - May 2017

Project Team: Abhishek M | Chandan M | Khushboo A | Nidhi Palan | Zhuoxin Xu | Zheng Zhang

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Heuristic Evaluation

The heuristic principles by Professor Charles Schneider and gestalt principles were used in the evaluation of Sigma Client application. The software application was used by different members of the team separately to see if there were any problems with the interface. After that, our team got together to gather all the points and analyze them.

Recruitment and Compensation

Ten RIT students who had some experience with voice and video applications were recruited via flyers. Each potential participant filled out a screener questionnaire. Participants who were eligible to participate in the study were contacted through email to schedule the study. Each participant took part in the one hour long study at the usability testing lab where they had to perform five tasks. They were given a $25 gift card as compensation for their participation.

Test Plan

The participant performed five tasks with the Sigma Client application, where each task was based on a scenario.

Data Collection

Quantitative data was collected during the test using 5 point Likert Scale and SUS questionnaires that are illustrated through pie charts and bar graphs. Qualitative data was collected by using post-task questions and debriefing sessions.

SUS Scale

We used the system usability scale, which is an industry standard tool, for measuring theusability of the system.

Testing Environment and Tools

We conducted the testing in the HCI usability testing lab at B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences building, RIT. The lab has two rooms; one is the testing room which has a one-way mirror and the other room is the observation room. The usability test with the participants was conducted in the testing room. We set up one webcam and one microphone to record the participant in the testing room.The usability testing lab were equiped with Morae System: Morae recorder and Morae observer.

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Final Report and Client Presentation

By way of a heuristic evaluation and analysis, usability problems in the application’s functionality and control accessing features were uncovered and reported to the client. We also provided design and workflow recommendations that could help improve the usability of the application.

 **More details about the study cannot be made publicly available because this project is under NDA. For more information, please contact me!